FurReal Makers Proto Max

Available exclusively through Amazon starting November 1st, 2017, our friends at FurReal have come out with a futuristic pup that lets kids create and code their own pet friend! The […]

Batbot Xtreme

The Batbot Xtreme will be THE hit toy under your Christmas tree this year! Standing at 2 feet tall, the Batbot Xtreme by Imaginext is a Batman battle robot that […]

Top Hoverboards for Christmas 2016

If your teenager has been begging for a hoverboard for Christmas, you are most definitely not alone! These popular items have had increasing sales for the past few years and […]

Ghostbusters Proton Pack Projector

Little Ghostbusters everywhere will love ghost hunting with this Electronic Proton Pack Projector. The pack is worn like a backpack and has a connected proton projector gun that shoots a […]

FurReal Friends Torch

The newest addition to the FurReal Friends brand, Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon, is a fun and realistic interactive dragon pet that kids are sure to love. Torch comes from a […]



Hatchimals are the 2016 must-have toy. They’ve already begun selling out at major retailers, including Amazon. Hatchimals arrive as a simple egg that needs a little TLC from your child. After […]